Exhibition guidelines


·   In principle, the exhibitor's card is only used by the exhibitor to enter or leave the venue,and do not be borrowed to the construction unit. If the card is borrowed and a security incident occurs, the exhibitor responsible for the loan is responsible for the loan.

·   The exhibition venue is A and C Halls of Qiaoshan Cultural Center, Nanhai District, Foshan City. For the first time, exhibitors should enter the hall from the Cultural Center landing hall. (easy to receive documents)

·   Exhibits exhibited by exhibitors must have the copyright of the company or have the right to exhibit exhibits to avoid copyright disputes. In the event of the above dispute, it is your responsibility. Do not exhibit or play any pirated VCD products during the exhibition, or you are responsible for it.

·   During the exhibition demonstration, each exhibitor shall install the necessary safety devices according to actual needs to ensure the safety during the demonstration.

·   In order to maintain the order of the exhibition, the volume of each exhibitor should be controlled in moderation.

·   In order to make the exhibition site clean and orderly, exhibitors should handed out leaflets in the own exhibition area. If it is found that the issue is not issued according to the above requirements, the organizing committee will confiscate the issue and deal with the fine. If the circumstance is serious, the exhibitors will be disqualified from exhibition. It is hoped that the exhibitors will consciously abide by the regulations.

·   Exhibitors should properly keep their exhibits during the exhibition, and valuables should be designated for safekeeping. The organizing committee recommends that all exhibitors handle the necessary insurance during the exhibition to prevent accidents such as accidental injury or loss of exhibits.


·   The time is to be determined for the booth construction and layout, please pay attention to the specific notice.

·   The construction and exhibition units must strictly abide by the fire safety regulations of the Nanhai Qiaoshan Cultural Center during construction and exhibition.. All booths, exhibits and packaging items shall not affect the fire extinguishing equipment in the exhibition hall. All construction materials (including: display stands, display panels, panels, stage for performance, etc.) must be made of non-combustible materials or flame retardant materials. Wood panels and petrochemical series of plastic sheets without fire treatment are strictly prohibited as decorative materials.

 · The exhibition unit shall not dismantle, damage or smudge the original building and various fixed equipment of the exhibition hall.

 · In order to ensure the safety of the exhibition hall, all exhibitors are not allowed to move and increase or decrease all fixed electrical equipment and lamps in the exhibition hall, including the lighting fixtures installed on the exhibition stands and exhibition equipment.

 · The exhibition unit must contact the organizing committee office in advance if taking its own lighting fixtures, advertising lights and other electrical equipment. And it is not allowed to pull the wires privately to avoid danger.

 · It is strictly forbidden for construction and exhibition units to use chemical dangerous goods and various inflammable and explosive materials in the exhibition hall.

 · It is strictly forbidden for construction and exhibition units to open fire and smoking in the exhibition hall.


 · Dismantling time: The specific time is to be determined. Exhibitors must require their respective dismantling units to dismantle according to the time required by the organizing committee.

 · Exhibitors must take care of their exhibits during the dismantling period to avoid loss or damage.

 · Exhibitors who set up their own booths should dismantle all the display racks, exhibition equipment and abandoned items from the exhibition hall during the dismantling period. It is strictly forbidden to store them in the booth, behind the cabinet top or behind the booth wall.

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