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The Nanhai Qiaoshan Cultural Center, located on the south side of the Tingyin lake, is an excellent carrier for carrying the cultural tourism resources of Xiqiao Mountain. The Nanhai Qiaoshan Cultural Center has a total construction area of about 100,000 square meters and a height of 50 meters. The project structure is 1 underground, with 6 floors above ground. The main functions are high-end conferences, exhibitions compatible with fine performances, catering services, etc, and the goal is to create a “spiritual ancestral hall and a cultural hall” for the Nanhai people around the world, and become a high-end convention and exhibition center in the western part of Foshan, and a cultural and artistic training center.

The Nanhai Qiaoshan Cultural Center uses modern construction techniques, combined with the simple, generous and practical characteristics of Lingnan traditional architecture to form a new Nanhai architectural boutique that inherits and innovates. The central main hall is in the form of an octagonal building with ancient architectural style. It is like a lighthouse by the lake. It contains both the theme of reunion and party, as well as the symbol of civilization. The Cultural View Theater is located on the first floor of the Central Bajiao Hall. It has a scale of 1,130 seats and functions to meet the requirements of small and medium-sized song and dance performances such as large-scale high-end conferences and boutique repertoires; the third floor is the Nanhai Culture Exhibition Hall; the fourth floor is the multi-functional conference hall; High-end meeting room and viewing ring gallery on the 6th floor. The East and West Wing Pavilions are two storeys with a height of about 22 meters. They are mainly high-end conferences, conventions, performances and catering services.



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