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The 3rd China (Foshan) International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology and Products Exhibition (CHFE2019) is an important part of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) China Hydrogen Energy Industry Conference, and will be held on October 26-28 at the Qiaoshan Cultural Center in Nanhai, Foshan. CHFE2019 will involve hydrogen energy infrastructure, fuel cells, core components, materials, fuel cell vehicle manufacturing, industrial cooperation, as well as hydrogen production, storage, transportation, hydrogen utilization, etc. It will provide hydrogen industry with an annual event with more connotation, creativity and high quality.

The event will invite the leaders of the Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the State Administration of Markets, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and other relevant units, as well as local government leaders in Foshan City , well-known experts at well-known universities and research institutions at home and abroad, and senior executives at home and abroad. People from all walks of life will thoroughly discuss domestic and foreign policies and technological progress in related fields such as green energy and other aspects from policies, standards, innovative technologies and methods, practical experience and case studies, and will exchange information and share experiences.




October 26UNDP Hydrogen Energy Industry Conference Opening CeremonyFoshan Nanhai Qiaoshan Cultural Center
October 26-28

UNDP Hydrogen Energy Industry Conference Sub-forum

(1)Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Key Technology Forum

(2)Hydrogen Energy Industry Infrastructure Development Forum

(3)Hydrogen Safety and Hydrogen Detection Technology Forum

(4)Hydrogen Energy Application and Practice Case Forum

(5)Cell Vehicle Policy and Industrialization Forum

Foshan Nanhai Qiaoshan Cultural Center
October 26-28The 3rd China (Foshan) International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology and Products ExhibitionFoshan Nanhai Qiaoshan Cultural Center
October 26-28Visit, test drive and other activitiesFoshan Nanhai Qiaoshan Cultural Center

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